3 tips to teach you to choose green office furniture

How to choose green office furniture is becoming a headache for many people. How to choose green office furniture? Then, let's go and have a look with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture! Believe that office furniture will solve your problems. Nowadays, the furniture market is complicated and chaotic. Merchants use consumers' mentality of pursuing green products to label various furniture with green labels, which makes consumers feel dazzled. With frequent outdoor smog, how should we choose furniture to avoid indoor pollution? Let's take a look at the following 'three look' to teach you to choose real green furniture. 1. When consumers buy office furniture, they should not trust the certification, but check the real quality inspection report of the furniture product. This is also the only valid document that can prove the environmental protection level of the office furniture product. In the test report, it will clearly indicate the material, formaldehyde content and so on of the office furniture. If consumers buy low-carbon and environmentally friendly classic office furniture, in addition to buying some brand classic office furniture stores, they also need to obtain the manufacturer’s qualifications during the purchase process, especially the inspection report. 2. When purchasing, it is best to buy natural office furniture such as solid wood and rattan, and office furniture made of wood-based panels and plywood. You must choose a reputable brand and pay attention to whether all the edges are banded; fabric sofas It depends not only on the fabric, but also on the material of the filler. Open the door and smell the strong pungent odor inside. At the same time, check the quality inspection certificate. If it does pass the national inspection, some odors are necessarily incidental to paint, adhesives, etc. After returning home, open the cabinet door for a period of time. Can be eliminated. 3. You can check whether the edge sealing of office furniture is tight, and whether the moisture content of the material is too high. Because the tight edge sealing will seal the free formaldehyde in the board, it will not pollute the indoor air; and furniture with too high moisture content not only has quality problems, but also increases the release rate of formaldehyde. In addition, if the purchased office furniture has caused pollution to the indoor air, in addition to paying attention to indoor ventilation, you can also buy some 'formaldehyde adsorbents' to eliminate the formaldehyde released into the air by the office furniture. Nowadays, many manufacturers are doing improper things under the guise of environmental protection. Procurement.com reminds everyone that this requires our consumers to keep their eyes open for genuine environmentally friendly products. We can’t trust the casual promises of others, look for the so-called “certificates”, and see the so-called environmental protection materials clearly. Only when the consumers themselves truly control the quality will our market develop in a healthy direction.

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