4 processes that must be seen before customizing office furniture

With the development of society and the exchange of Chinese and Western cultures, people's understanding of beauty is constantly changing. In the procurement of classic office furniture, many people choose Guangzhou custom-made office furniture manufacturers to replace the procurement of finished products. But how to complete the customization of office furniture, the specific process, there are everything, but it is not very clear. On this issue, the editor summarizes 4 major processes for your reference. Process 1: Understand the product and choose a model. Buyers go to the factory’s showroom to first look at the product model. After understanding the style and material of the product, then talk to the designer about their custom requirements and uses for office furniture; Process 2: Design The teacher visits the measuring ruler and provides a plan to determine the direction of the style. The designer will come to the measuring ruler to determine the size and position of the entire furniture, and then a set of office furniture display renderings (the overall strength of the manufacturer can also require specific 3D renderings , Similar photos and quotes, clear and clear at a glance). Process 3: Confirm the order and pay for the production. After receiving the customized design and quotation for the office furniture provided by the designer, if you are satisfied with the product design, floor plan and quotation, you can pay the deposit and notify the manufacturer to start production. Process 4: Delivery and installation, payment of the balance The production cycle of the factory is generally 20-30 days (except for special circumstances). After the manufacturer has delivered and installed, the buyer will check for the first time and pay after there is no problem. The number of employees in the factory , At the same time, it is easy to contact, such as customer service issues.

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