6 principles for the most prosperous office furniture placement

The placement of office furniture in an office can affect a company's wealth. Is your office prosperous? Now the editor of Guangzhou office furniture will take you to learn about the six principles of the most prosperous office furniture placement! 1. Practical principles of office furniture placement Practicality is the primary principle of office furniture placement. The placement of office furniture in the office, whether it is the placement of desks, office staff chairs, file cabinets, or office sofas, office coffee tables, must be practical. The choice of office furniture is a practical principle and an important consideration, combined with the office The humanized design of the size of the space makes people feel convenient to use, even in real use. 2. The cultural principle of office furniture display The cultural principle is that it will involve the inner thoughts of the office owner. Guangzhou office furniture will continue to communicate with customers to obtain the best office furniture display culture. Here, the following are given It is suggested that the space layout in the office, the placement of office furniture, and the color design combination should adopt the traditional Chinese style. I still prefer Western style; I like simplicity or complexity. I hope that it will reflect the personality of the office owner, the cultural connotation of the office owner, and the aesthetic taste of the office owner. In order to give a good impression to the guests of the office owner, this cultural choice should not be sloppy. 3. The ecological principle of office furniture placement. The ecological principle involves the environmental protection of office furniture. should be made of non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free materials that meet the 'green standards'. Don't let invisible 'killers' intrude. Enter the office environment without knowing it. To this end, the office furniture of Guangzhou Factory specially selects non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting materials that meet the 'green standards' for the production of office furniture materials, and has won environmental protection awards issued by the national multi-level environmental testing agency. 4. The principle of comfortable placement of office furniture. It is true that the comfort of the office affects the work efficiency of office staff. The office should pay attention to the design of leisure space. Every office furniture placement is suitable for this space. I feel at home in my own office. 5. The principle of saving office furniture. factories are constantly launching a variety of new products, especially modern office furniture is loved by the majority of customers, so they love it, as office furniture, such as desks , Conference tables, etc. are all necessary purchase products, as well as office sofas, office staff chairs, etc. These are all necessary products for office furniture. Therefore, when buying office furniture, you must grasp the principle of saving and do not buy excess is a must. 6. is placed in a clever combination principle. The combined office furniture is the most popular office furniture today. This easy-to-disassemble product is very convenient to use and can be combined at will, especially for large companies, which is more convenient . The reasonable placement of office furniture in the office is of extraordinary importance to the company's financial fortune. Therefore, the above six principles should be fully considered when placing office furniture.

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