A refined, sophisticated life - — Italian furniture is how to match household soft outfit?

High-end exquisite Italian style is very popular in recent years, as a new generation of young people more and more high demand for quality of life, the light of luxury, let everybody much a delicate and extravagant life experience. Light and decoration is the pursuit of life, becoming a way of life more and more people sought after, between luxury and contracted, noble but not expensive, with the postmodern Italian style hospitality and comfortable life. 1, yellow brass metal elements in the element of Chinese traditional culture, the ancient times is the symbol of wealth. The texture of the metal and to make the style that occupy the home and not common, are the key elements of Italian furniture. 2, marble marble material of Italian style, to give priority to with light color, it is best to slight noise in the white lines, shop is in the living room barefoot walk, will have a feeling of jade. Marble and carpet collocation, is the most classic Italian style. The art of 3, leather is comfortable to live in a can set his mind at to rely on, can let you shed exhaustion, enjoy quiet free space. So the Italian wind in the design of the bedroom, can make full use of different materials to mix and match, at first glance these qualitative material is very common, but passes elaborate collocation, can bring remarkable visual sense. Cortex is one of the important material of Italian furniture, the collocation of texture super wood. Wood, leather in the bedroom, make the light much wind texture. In the global furniture, Italian furniture occupies a pivotal position, its design is known for its ability to the world. Italian is good at not only the life, more understand the status of art in life. Contracted fashion has always been the characteristics of yong state meaning type furniture, simple fashion and noble, and this is one reason for the enduring Italian furniture.
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