Advantage sharing of direct sales model of office furniture

The direct sales model of classic office furniture manufacturers is one of the most effective means to master the marketing channels of enterprises, and it is also an important part of the office furniture brand strategy. Its positive significance is: (1) It can reflect the strength of the enterprise and enhance the brand image, especially the direct marketing. Camp stores/flagship stores can more effectively increase the visibility of classic office furniture brands. (2) Have direct control rights and be able to timely and accurately implement the marketing concepts, guidelines and policies of office furniture manufacturers. (3) Reduce channel operation and maintenance costs, increase profits and enhance market competitiveness. (4) Many salespersons of office furniture manufacturers go deep into the front line and directly contact customers, which not only expands sales, but also understands customer needs in the first time, quickly grasps market trends, and provides the first place for enterprises to adjust product structure and develop new products. Hand information. (5) Digest the company's inventory, clear the flow of goods, and withdraw funds as soon as possible. (6) Be able to control part of the channel network, optimize the distribution channels, put pressure on the franchisees/agents, and force those franchisees/agents who are the heroes to adopt an arrogant attitude. (7) Summarize the terminal operation experience from the first-line sales practice to provide reference for franchisees/agents. The above is the advantages of the office furniture factory direct sales model summarized by the editor for everyone.
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