Advantages and disadvantages of custom office furniture

and customized office furniture each have their own advantages. When buying classic office furniture, you should choose office furniture or custom classic office furniture. Are you still hesitating? Next, Guangzhou Decoration Co., Ltd. will explain the advantages and disadvantages of classic office furniture and customized office furniture. It is convenient for everyone to make a quick choice when buying office furniture in the future.   The styles and sizes of office furniture are the ones we usually choose when we buy office furniture, so it meets everyone's basic needs and aesthetics.   has a fast delivery cycle, which can be bought and used at any time, without waiting for a long time for production, which is suitable for urgent customers.   The office furniture has a solid design and structure. It has been used by consumers and has a high safety factor, so it will be mass-produced.   in an office with a more complex structure cannot make good use of office space, which will result in a waste of space.   There are not too many color choices for office furniture, so it will feel incompatible with the office environment.   is only a popular product without too many style choices, and it cannot meet the needs of some consumers who have requirements and styles.  Customized office furniture can be made according to the office structure, which can make full use of the space in the office to achieve the greatest use needs.  Customized office furniture can customize the color according to the decoration style, which echoes with the office decoration space, and enhances the overall style of the office.  Customized office furniture can customize the structure and style of office furniture according to customer needs to meet customer needs. Customized office furniture needs to be made according to customer needs, and it usually takes about 12 days for delivery time, which is a long time, to communicate with customers and give design solutions in the early stage.
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