Advantages and disadvantages of relocating finished office furniture and custom office furniture

Today's office furniture customization factories, such as office screens, partitions, tables and chairs, are all in bulk and need to be installed at home. Screen racks, desks, conference tables, etc. can be disassembled and installed repeatedly with high precision. When disassembling and assembling mobile office furniture, you should pay attention to whether the furniture is empty, such as fragile crafts such as ceramics and crystals. Once they fall off, they are easily damaged. When installing the glass door handle, you should grasp the appropriate strength to prevent the glass from bursting, and be careful not to use an electric drill. Like file cabinets, the back panel is very thin. The office furniture installer is easy to break if you are not careful during the disassembly process. It is recommended to use waste curtains or blankets for packaging when transporting. When removing office furniture of irregular sizes, you must first make a mark so that you can distinguish it during installation. Remove screws from office furniture, hardware accessories, etc. Put it aside again, it is easy to find, put the damaged part aside. It is best to remove the cabinets on the movable board. It needs to be flattened during disassembly, and special attention should be paid to protect the wooden floor to avoid scratches and cuts. After dismantling, transportation must be sorted. , paint, and solid wood products need to be packaged to protect the surface of the film, so as to avoid plate-to-plate collisions during transportation and damage to Shanghai recycled office furniture. After disassembly, move to the new address safely, you need to design the office furniture layout drawings of the new address in advance, you need to make up some new office furniture according to the old office furniture, the color control of the new and old office furniture, and the size of the new office furniture Same as old office furniture. When it comes to finished furniture and custom furniture, we must all be familiar with it. Today, most household items use custom furniture, but what about custom office furniture? Many companies have not changed the concept of the company. In most cases, they will choose finished office furniture instead of customized office furniture. They think that customized classic office furniture is very troublesome. Due to limited office space, only a few companies will consider customizing office furniture. The following Guangzhou Furniture will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the following finished office furniture and customization: Advantages of finished office furniture: 1. The production is relatively complete, the structure, size, and style are reasonable and can be mass-produced; 2. The style is richer and changeable; suitable for the masses; 3. A fixed production line has been formed, with sufficient volume and faster production; 4. The details of the craftsmanship are more refined; disadvantages: this product is a popular classic office furniture, not It is suitable for every enterprise, decoration and space requirements, and can not integrate the space of office furniture recycling in Shanghai. Now many small office buildings have stricter requirements for office furniture size, and arrange a certain amount of work in a limited space. This is something that an office furniture product cannot do; in addition, classic office furniture products may remind employees to adjust their work habits and characteristics according to the industrial structure. Finally, there are fewer choices of colors and materials for finished furniture. Advantages of customized office furniture: 1. Solve the space problem The 'unique secret' of customized furniture is to solve the problem of irregular room space. There are protruding beams and columns in the room, the cloakroom is small in size, and the sloping ceiling of the duplex building is under the stairs. In the face of these special-shaped spaces, 'customization' can easily solve this problem. 2. Sexual demand release. Although consumers have more ideas about the layout of the office, when people decorate, they often have the desired decoration effect. It's vague. However, customized office furniture can be designed for the owner based on the already formed furniture. According to the style, style and color you like, the manufacturer can customize it; you can also choose the office furniture that is compatible with it according to the office environment. Meet the individual needs of consumers. 3. Control the material cost of office furniture and customize office furniture, because all the attribute parameters of office furniture are optional, that is, it can control the cost of office furniture. We can reduce the cost of office furniture by reducing the size of office furniture. Customs office furniture is generally looking for a fixed supplier, material protection, and the price will be relatively cheap. The above article comes from Guangzhou Decoration Co., Ltd. (, a company specializing in high-end office furniture customization. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Service Hotline: 400-028-1816 Tel: 020-36772045 Mobile: 13929575092
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