Afraid off real wood meaning type furniture paint? We use is the world's leading paint process

Solid wood Italian furniture is popular, the primary reason is that its quality is sure, real wood is solid, solid are its advantages. But the seasons, the temperature rise and fall, humidity, have an effect on the moisture content of real wood meaning type furniture. Water content can lead to change the nature of the solid wood meaning type furniture. So in the process of using, sometimes causes the damage of Italian solid wood furniture. Off real wood meaning type furniture paint remedies if real wood Italian house with a small amount of paint, can apply nail polish on the paint to repair. But if a larger area, so you can use the old books or waste newspapers, alum, abrasive paper, cut up, and then add the scraps of alum boiled together into a paste, and then wait for paste paint off the paint dry harden after part of the remedy. Off real wood meaning type furniture paint remedy 2 another method is to use latex and sawdust filled furniture damaged part directly. Wait for hardened paste dry, use sand paper burnish, after grinding smooth, painted on the part of the same colour again, and then wait for paint dry, then coated with varnish, to have remedial effect. In our life, we should pay attention to the rational use of solid wood meaning type furniture and maintenance. Should be paid attention to real wood Italian furniture put level off, and keep appropriate indoor temperature for a long time, don't direct contact with the sun, hot items don't close contact with real wood meaning type furniture. And regular cleaning and waxing, handling to should take put down gently, in order to avoid damage to the furniture. Yong bang paint technology in the world, leading high-end furniture industry environmental protection, elegant, is ever new. , modern design and fluent line, and 26 specular paint technology, the quality of its products have enduring created yong state can brand characteristics of inheritance, let people enjoy its unique charm.
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