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From last year, many companies will look to Italian style furniture design, or cooperate with Italian designer, or independent of the original design, to create original Italian furniture. A single spark can start a prairie fire, Italian furniture with its high grade design quickly occupy the high ground. Italian furniture has a long history, the balance of world furniture history, design ability enjoys a good reputation all over the world. Italy is also the pursuit of high quality life to enjoy, for a long time, Italian furniture is famous for its delicate and simple design, the fashion and noble also attracted the city. Italian furniture is in our lives are not uncommon. Italian furniture can be found in many popular TV series. Contracted, tall, fashion, classic and modern fusion, Italian furniture is an integral whole, is a simple fashion and noble, it is the art fully knead in furniture design style. Early Italian furniture style diversity, including baroque and rococo style, Rome style, etc. , will be closely combines art and function. Modern Italian furniture is generally at the contracted and fluent line, according to the pure color of large area with contracted, the breath of the atmosphere, the pursuit of high quality elegant life. According to the trend of furniture after 8090 s, most young people like modern, contracted style design. Italy is famous for its simple and modern style, but it is not the main selling point. In the exhibition, many Italian style of furniture and the word 'luxury'. The rise of light luxury comes from the contemporary young people the desire and demand for high quality life. When it with the classic black and white and gray Italian style furniture harmony, showing a high temperature and elegant texture. In the past two years, in the process of the development of the domestic furniture market, many domestic enterprises rapidly pursuit of imported furniture and distance than imported furniture, materials and design of the gap is narrowing. In the future, consumers about the difference between import and import will be even more vague. By that time, it may be Italian style furniture dividend period of steady growth.
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