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A lot of people want to know why the Italian furniture is good? What's the difference between it and other furniture? Why the meaning type furniture ten big brand can do so delicate? Today, we would like to analyze comprehensively, the advantages of Italian furniture to come from. 1, the Italian history to understand Italian furniture, you must first understand the Italian. Italy is the cradle of European nation and culture, with its beautiful natural scenery and numerous cultural heritage is famous. Rome, the capital of Italy, has been for centuries is the political center in the western world, was once the capital of the Roman empire. 13 century, Italy became the birthplace of European Renaissance. Italy is the world leader in art and fashion. Milan is Italy's economic and industrial center, also is the fashion capital of the world. 2, rooted in the soil Italian furniture design concept art culture is rooted in the excellent traditional art culture soil of Italy. Combining art and technology, the traditional and modern, to lead the global design trends. Italy serves as the birthplace of Renaissance, accumulated a long history and culture. Furniture set thousands of years of human history, combined with modern technology, traditional craft to create furniture products is famous in the world. 3, design to guide the production after the second world war, the Italian government strongly support design industry, many Italian designer to be able to use. Stylist is in the leading position of the enterprise is sovereign, most bosses itself is excellent designers. 4, expensive materials choose Italian furniture on the basis of high quality materials manufacturing furniture. Italian artisans picking the precious wood. The choice of leather and cloth. High quality leather is preferred. Texture and color are carefully chosen. Through multi-channel processes, showing the luxurious golden colour. Selection of fabrics such as linen, fiber, silk, the fabrics have artistic aesthetic feeling, soft and comfortable, elastic, has incomparable luxury feeling. 5, the traditional process of inheriting the traditional processing technology of Italian furniture is not with the development of times and the progress of science and technology, craftsmen will still be able to use the ancestors passed down process for making furniture. Arts and crafts is an indispensable part of the social, cultural, and Italy. This is the process of persistence. Italy will Italian furniture brings the world of luxury, elegance and comfort in the pursuit of high quality life. Italian people believe that the quality of the process, they believe that only this kind of delicate, meticulous handcrafted can reflect the real meaning of manufacturing industry in Italy. 6, humanized design, Italian furniture design focuses on the design of elegant and comfortable. Furniture design meets the requirement of humanization and personalization. In the process of design and manufacturing, can according to customer's need to customize the size, design and fabrics.
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