Analysis of the future industry development trend of office furniture

Do you know the analysis of the future industry development trend of office furniture? So, you can go and have a look with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture now! We all know that office furniture is the appliances that are equipped for the convenience of living or working in daily life, work and social activities. on the market has become very popular. I would like to talk more about the new pattern of office furniture. Where is the new one? Next, I will take you into the new world of office furniture. 1 The use of intelligent intelligent office furniture is becoming more and more widespread. The design trend of future intelligent office furniture is generally to follow the design line of future office furniture. However, due to its unique functions, many aspects should be paid attention to in the design, such as the following four characteristics: ①Humanization: future office furniture emphasizes health and pays more attention to ergonomics and the use of new materials; ②Ease of use: intelligence The fundamental purpose of modernized office furniture design is to serve people and facilitate people’s lives; ③ Novelty: It is mainly reflected in the designer’s not constrained by the achievements of predecessors or others, and explore new ideas based on ideas that have never been tried before, and design unique designs. New classic office furniture network; ④Advanced: The designed products should not only be innovative, but also use automatic control, computer, microelectronics and sensor detection technology at the technical level, showing new features in terms of function, performance, and structure. And substantial improvements. 2 Semi-open and semi-private office space The old community of office space in the 1970s and the end of the 1990s was relatively closed and isolated; and the office space community from the late 1990s to the present has become more open and relatively noisy Then it increased. Neither is closed, nor is open. Then we have to think about a question: How should our office space be good? The new product Huan series attracted the attention of many guests with its socialized office of 'breaking boundaries and responding in time'. It breaks the typical closed office pattern, allowing employees to fulfill the needs of private office and interactive communication in a semi-open, semi-private office space at the same time. Flexible shapes, quick installation functions, and rich color choices can more stimulate the potential of office workers. 3 What makes you most anxious about the sound-absorbing cotton office space? The answer is of course: noise. We all know that noise has a great impact on our daily work and life, and as knowledge workers, the requirements in this regard will be higher. Therefore, the choice of materials is very important for office furniture. Sound-absorbing cotton is a kind of man-made inorganic fiber with good heat insulation and sound absorption performance. Advantages of sound-absorbing cotton: ①100% environmentally friendly product, 100% recyclable ②Sturdy, easy to use, tasteless, waterproof, moisture-proof, good breathability, easy to process, can be made into various shapes according to different needs, long service life; ③will not rot , It can resist the corrosion of various microorganisms, fungi, acids, salts and hydrocarbons; ④ No additives or adhesives are added in the production process. 4 Non-glue integrated molding technology. The application of new molding technology to office furniture is also a new breakthrough. The office furniture Huan series designed by knowledge-based groups adopts this new technology, which can not only improve the production efficiency of furniture, but also give You have a completely new office experience. This style is not only beautiful, but also gives you a brand new visual experience. Seven points light, three points smart. 6 Application of water-based finishing technology Compared with oil-based finishing technology, the application of water-based finishing technology in classic office furniture will bring more benefits: ① Environmental protection: improve the air in the room without destroying the atmosphere outside the window; ② Health : Don’t let the surprise of pregnancy become a worry in the workplace; ③ Swiftness: Don’t let the progress of decoration delay your development speed; ④ Keep fresh: Don’t give yourself a chance to fade, and there is a reason to change your mind. There is a kind of resignation, called uncomfortable office environment. That is to say, the degree of engagement is directly related to the satisfaction of the office space, and the impact of office furniture on the office space is obvious. In today's society with rapid technological development, it is time for office furniture to play some new tricks!

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