Analyze the operation of office furniture manufacturers' franchise affiliate marketing model

Franchising means that classic office furniture manufacturers use their own brands, products, business management models, etc. to combine with franchisees' capital to achieve a business model that is too large in scale. It is also a business model for manufacturers to expand their business and sell goods and services. (1) For classic office furniture manufacturers, the loyalty of franchisees is the most important. It is recommended that manufacturers re-adjust franchisees on the one hand and select more loyal and capable ones, which is estimated to account for about a quarter of the total; the other is On the one hand, it is necessary to break through conventional thinking, innovate the management model, and continue to develop and grow, so that it is possible to gradually abandon the other three-quarters of franchise affiliates and have the direct sales system replace them. (2) Pay full attention to the franchisees retained after screening and set up a special support department to cooperate with them; in accordance with the distribution model, the overall turnover is accumulated at the system level, and corresponding rewards are given to them; when they have obvious conflicts of interest with the direct sales department At the time, it is necessary to ensure the normal operation of direct sales, and also take into account the emotions of the franchisees. Above the bottom line, fully consider their interests and maintain the loyalty of the franchisees. (3) Price is the most prone to conflict of interest factor, and price regulation must be strictly enforced, and price management must be strengthened. (4) Develop a reasonable sales area. Avoid conflicts between close interests and customer sources in direct selling, distribution, and franchising. (5) After-sales service. manufacturers should follow the franchisee's agreement in the form of a contract, who will provide after-sales service. The author believes that it is more beneficial for customers to provide after-sales service together. (6) The manufacturer should formulate a reasonable return and exchange policy for the franchisee, and guide the franchisee to optimize the combination of products according to the characteristics of the local customer base. (7) Salespersons are the bridge between office furniture manufacturers and franchisees. According to the characteristics of franchisees, they should be equipped with the most suitable salespersons.
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