Are there any problems in purchasing office furniture screens?

While the pace of modern office life is constantly accelerating, the proportion of work in people’s lives is also increasing. Working hours of more than 8 hours often make people feel physically and mentally exhausted and full of work. How to get a more comfortable office experience inside? Let's start with choosing a good office screen table. It is very important to choose a good one. The premise is how to buy it. What should you pay attention to when buying? The editor of Guangzhou office furniture manufacturer believes that everyone is not very clear. Today, I will popularize it for everyone: 1. Office products screen screen work position-production materials. With the development of society, people have more and more functions of screen work position. To understanding. Nowadays, aluminum alloy is most commonly used in the office as the frame of the screen work station. Why is that? The main reason is its high strength, good plasticity, easy processing and modeling, and strong pressure resistance. The screen made of it is strong and stable, durable, and the screen work station is generally combined with the duckbill countertop. Computers are placed on the desks of employees' screens for work. The screen work station can also be matched with all kinds of drawers and file cabinets to make reasonable use of space, convenient to pick and place items and files, simple and generous style, and focus on practicality. 2. Screen work position-connection mode There are many ways to connect screen work position, mainly divided into 'one' type connection, 'L' type connection, 'Y' type connection, 'T' type connection, such as Cross-connection, the different ways of connection have a great impact on the overall effect. The layout is determined according to the size of the office and the size of use, and the size of the screen work station is customized according to the actual situation. The connection method of the screen work station can also be changed to everyone's preference To sum up, it has become one of the most popular classic office furniture in Guangzhou classic office furniture. 3. Screen work station-type Office screens are generally divided into two types: site molding and multi-fold folding type, which are transparent and semi-folding. Transparent, closed and hollow, etc., if you need to cut off the line of sight to increase the sense of privacy, you can use the closed, but in order to improve team communication, some companies will choose translucent and hollow design, not only to create a separate partition The space is not completely enclosed and cannot communicate with others. However, everyone is choosing these types of screen work positions and should also pay attention to the design of the entire office, which has achieved complementarity.

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