Are there any quantitative requirements for office furniture factory customization?

If you really need to customize office furniture in large quantities, in fact, it is better to contact the manufacturer directly. The custom price of the classic office furniture factory is guaranteed to be more favorable, and it can also guarantee that the corresponding customization work will be completed immediately, which can meet our corresponding requirements. But is there a certain number of requirements for directly cooperating with manufacturers for customization, and are there any other rigid standards?  The network understands the actual customization requirements of the manufacturers. In fact, many manufacturers now provide customized network services for classic office furniture factories. If customization is really needed, it is more assured to contact through the network, and the customized services on the network are reasonably priced and cost-effective. We can first Learn about the quotations of different merchants, so that customization will be guaranteed. We can also know the specific customization requirements and quantity requirements in advance.  Pay attention to the quantity and price.   The more custom-made office furniture factories, the more favorable the prices given by the manufacturers. But after all, we choose different manufacturers, so the ratio of quantity to price should be known in advance so that we can truly protect our rights. Generally speaking, as long as the quantity meets the needs, there will be no major problems, and everyone should not worry too much.
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