Are we informed about king size bedroom furniture sets weight and volume after shipment?

You can always contact us for an actual specification of the volume and weight of your shipment. As a professional company, we will calculate both volume and weight so that you can know the exact information about the goods and package. It is known that cargo weight and volume of furniture sets play important parts in determining the shipping costs before shipment, so we will take full consideration into the packing materials, saving the cost and ensuring the cargo's safety.

Youbond Furniture Co., Ltd is one of Chinese leading suppliers for classic dining room furniture. As one of 's multiple product series, classic office furniture series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. We have professional engineers and workers in our manufacturing line. All furniture are made of high quality and natural beech solid wood. Youbond 's classic furniture enable you to switch quickly between different types of new classic home furnishings so that you can new classic home furnishings efficiently while benefiting from an excellent price-performance ratio. With strict quality control, all Youbond furniture can be guaranteed with high quality. .

Youbond focuses on creating a world-class brand with unique value creativity. Contact us!
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