Back to the original - — Italian minimalist life

Timbres of total brash tired will let us and return to home, back to the original warm, care of the minimalist romantic in the space that occupy the home, enjoy pure and the nature of life is the best way we put heart. Pay attention to the nature of things, against the appearance of socialism, this is we need to learn modern philosophy, is advocated by Senbetter design concept - — Minimalism. It really simplify life, on the line and color without hesitation from broken. ・ Ludwig mies ・ van DE luo thinks that the design concept of simple often can give people more enjoy. Under his effort, less is more became popular design concept, as time precipitation, gradually formed a minimalist wind that we see now. Black and white is the color of Italian minimalist, large white matchs to let a person very want to rely on the palm, and properly high ash and simple but elegant black ornament, lamplight, and steel silver, copper yellow photograph reflect. Concise and graceful and restrained and unique charming style, let a person with quiet. As the element face heart, a born beauty of the natural beauty as pleasing. Appearance of removing artificial dis-guised, generous and elegant, and nature itself; It is the inner nature, indifferent, clear and safe, quiet comfortable. Care of the minimalist design, must pay attention to grasp the sense of space design. And sense of space design, to cooperate with geometrical line. Line of bend straight, it is the designer used for cutting space weapon. Reasonable use of them in the space, can build a different visual esthetics. A minimalist life creed, to household to design the minimalist aesthetics has a unique preference. Simplicity of life attitude, let people yearning.
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