Beyond the ordinary design feeling, Italian furniture show life taste

With the improvement of living standards, more and more consumers are willing to spend more money to pursue excellent quality furniture design. Traditional painted carved dragon and phoenix luxury furniture, high prices and still make a lot of people off. Is the luxury in many human eyes, and the furniture design aesthetic feeling has failed to keep pace with the new generation mainstream consumption. Since this year, represented by yong state of Italian furniture style gradually into the line of sight of people, the furniture contains a unique taste, to meet consumer demand for design and quality level of dual, sought after and loved by the parvenu gens. Italian furniture style, not inherited the characteristics of traditional luxury furniture blindly, it will be costly with fine together. The choice of the colour collocation of furniture and veneer material, is by trial and error, yong state designers and management team carefully chosen, after numerous attempts to choose the best collocation, through such process made furniture every detail, is very touching. USES the rare wood, as wood veneer, let furniture present high luster and texture, can reveal the status of the owner. Italian furniture style, give a person a kind of beyond the ordinary design feeling, it as a kind of furniture culture art form, bring more inspiration for the entire household space, as if activated the life breath of whole space, and can show master fashion taste without qualification. Adopted a new special materials, contracted and original design, adhering to the fashion, the essence of modern at the same time, integrated into the Italian delicate, make furniture is very personality, fashion sense, sense of space. The sofa of the sitting room, or the bed of the bedroom, or the combination of the restaurant, all create the elegant feeling, perfect deduce life, a refined, sophisticated life is so simple. Like yong state meaning type furniture? 'Refresh life, cardiac' - — Yong bang furniture brand preferential month, do you like here. Cardiac life, start immediately!
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