Classic elegant and do not break the artistry, Italian furniture style is how?

Italy is the birthplace of modern European civilization, its capital, Rome was the capital of the Roman empire. Rome since established in 753 BC, after drawing and development of the culture of ancient Greece, eventually formed the era of Roman civilization, dominated the politics, economy and culture in Europe at that time. Italy is the birthplace of Renaissance, in this era of emphasis on the humanities spirit, the Italian national art tone with itself and the culture of romantic feelings, emerged a large number of masters of literature and art, such as leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and so on. Them from their areas of good at art laid a direction for the later European culture, from this perspective, influenced by immersion of Italian culture and European culture. In furniture design and interior design, the Italian designer will also be a variety of art form elements to blend into one, make the type furniture more artistic style and uniqueness. Italian furniture sends out the aristocratic temperament is innate. Abundant cultural connotation and the exquisite traditional crafts make it occupy the high-end furniture consumer market dominant position. Italian furniture not only expressed the love of life, and expressed his profound understanding of the art and the unremitting pursue. Italian furniture is synonymous with luxury and high-end, not only because it has authentic European classical style, every piece of furniture because it will become more seriousness and romantic as works of art. Someone said, if there is a design theory in other countries, Italy is not only a set of design concept, also has a set of complete design industrial chain. Italian furniture design concept originated from Italian soil excellent traditional art and culture. It will perfect combination of art and technology both traditional and modern feeling, to lead the global design fashion and trend.
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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