Classification and design of office furniture

What are the important functions of the classification and design of office furniture? Then you can go and have a look with our editor of office furniture now! We will not let you down! has always been the most basic component of office space. Both owners and designers attach great importance to the selection of office furniture. Facing simple decoration, office furniture has also become an important weight for designers to create space. Modern office furniture can be divided into three departments: System Furniture (ISF), DA desks, and engineering chairs. System furniture (ISF) is the integration of various furniture in the office space into a system, including connecting screens, high partition desks, pipeline configuration, lighting, etc.; DA desks are derived from the concept of automation and are designed for modern digital office equipment. Furniture that provides a working platform; engineering chair refers to a chair developed from an ergonomic point of view for office staff working at desks for a long time. The chair is exactly what the previous office furniture ignores. In fact, the chair is more important than the table. It bears the weight of a person and maintains 8 hours of smooth work. If it is not designed properly, it may even cause some diseases of the human body. The value of our existence is to solve problems for customers, that is, to provide customers with the best overall solution from a systematic perspective, and create value for customers (value refers to individualized and unique cultural values). And all this comes from design. A good solution should take into account the following aspects: 1. The graphic design should be in harmony with the customer's building structure and be combined organically. Use the space fairly and effectively to maximize the benefit of the office space, adjust measures to local conditions, measure style and sports clothing, and have a strong sense of design throughout the plane. 2. The graphic design should fully consider the customer's organizational structure, the number of people and functions in the department, and understand the particularity of the department's work and the requirements for desktop space. The needs of user governance culture are to choose between openness and privacy. Some companies exaggerate communication and coordination, some companies exaggerate trust and authorization, and some exaggerate independent work. Our graphic design requires understanding the convenience of customer governance. 4. The highest level of graphic design is to create cultural value, which also creates individuality, and creates beauty and artistic value. This requires us to combine the characteristics of the customer's corporate culture, product image and the requirements of the CI strategy. The low-level is to implement the decoration intention and conform to the decoration style; the high-level is to make up for the lack of decoration, and complement and complement the decoration project. 5. Style design is the soul of interior design, and it is also the most eye-catching department. The same graphic design of file cabinets can be applied in different styles. On the one hand, the design of style is related to graphic design, and more importantly depends on the style of furniture and the use of color. This also requires full consideration of the customer’s individual and unique requirements; on the other hand, it must meet the aesthetic requirements and pursue beauty and Artistic value, to create unique cultural value colors for customers: the focus is on the relationship between cold and warm choices and a sense of space, and different colors express different emotional appeals. Style: modern, classical, fashionable, elegant, luxurious, simple, steady, or light. After learning some related information about the classification and design of office furniture with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture, do you still know the design and classification of office furniture? To buy furniture, choose Guangzhou classic office furniture manufacturer.

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