Comparative Analysis of Office Furniture Domestic Market and Foreign Market

Under the traditional market model, in the furniture industry, different consumer groups will create different marketing methods, management differences, and operating differences. Only by correctly understanding these differences and formulating different management and operating methods can we make furniture The enterprise successfully transformed. Let’s go with our Guangzhou office furniture editor to see the comparison between the domestic market and the export market of office furniture! 1. Comparison of the customer groups for export and domestic sales of office furniture 1. The customers for export sales are foreign consumer groups. 2. The customers for domestic sales are domestic consumer groups. There are huge differences in consumption concepts and lifestyles between these two consumer groups, resulting in different product styles and styles. For example, the size of export-oriented office furniture is slightly larger than that of domestic classic office furniture. 2. Comparison of marketing methods between export and domestic sales of classic office furniture 1. Export sales are mainly through foreign trade companies. At this time, if a company wants to make a profit, it can only rely on reducing production costs, without considering product sales at all. And the salesperson of the furniture company is equivalent to the merchandiser. 2. For domestic sales, a major link is investment promotion. Without distributors, your products cannot be in contact with consumers, and naturally they cannot be sold. In the early stage, a large number of salesmen are required to run the market, and in the later stage, a good channel management ability is also required. 3. Comparison of the product structure between export and domestic sales of office furniture 1. Export sales are only produced around products provided by foreign companies. The company's products are single and do not form a series. 2. Domestic sales need to provide a complete product series for consumers to purchase. For example, when you are exporting, you may only produce office chairs, but if you want to open up the domestic market, the market capacity of office chairs alone is certainly not large, you must produce office tables to form a product series. 4. Comparison of the management of the export and domestic sales of office furniture 1. The strict quality requirements of foreign customers when exporting have created the ability to improve the quality of export-oriented enterprises. Strict implementation of the delivery date, if there are quality problems or failure to ship the goods within the specified time will be severely punished, making the company attach great importance to the production plan management. 2. The customers for domestic sales are individual consumers. The products can be returned to the factory for repair at any time if they have quality problems. If the products cannot be delivered, they can call the consumers for a day or two without causing economic losses. 5. Comparison of batch output of office furniture for export and domestic sales 1. Export sales are all produced on order and in large quantities. Enterprises only need to plan production and materials and arrange production according to the delivery date. This kind of plan is generally not easy to change, and the production batch is large, which is beneficial to production. 2. Domestic sales are generally in the form of inventory preparation and partial customized production. The production of enterprises will be constantly adjusted by the influence of sales conditions, so the production batch is small. After studying with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture about the comparative analysis of the relevant office furniture domestic market and export market, have you deepened your understanding of classic office furniture? When buying furniture, choose Guangzhou office furniture.

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