Comprehensive indicators of office furniture business operations

Every classic office furniture should have a strong and achievable concept. Steelcase called itself “The Office Environment Company” before, and Vitra called “Good Design is Good Business and that can fund Culture”. Good design is Good business, so as to bring funds for the promotion of culture. 'And they not only adhere to the concept internally and externally, and then set goals to gradually achieve completion. The concept mentioned here is the professional goal of their business, and they will firmly pursue it. Unlike domestic companies, which are just a slogan, a fake From the beginning, it was a hypothetical idea of u200bu200bhow to seriously value the real operation of the company.    refers to the most powerful leader of the company, the knowledge and vision of the classic office furniture industry. Of course, it’s best if he loves the industry and thinks it is. Lifelong career, that is, professional and knowing people's responsibilities. The worst thing is that you don't understand and don't trust professional people to operate.....So top-level thinking is the biggest driving force that determines the development of a company..... There are at least ten levels in between, and it seems that the best top-level thinking is not seen in China at present. It is either lacking or lacking, so it is difficult to form a professional and strong management team.    Take a company or brand The name is easy, but it is not easy to form a brand recognized by the general public. However, most of the current office furniture brands are only limited to the brand image in the industry and cannot exceed this range. That is because the entire industry is not valued, and the office environment is not affected. Pay attention to. may not easily become a consumer brand of the general public, but at least in government units, enterprises, schools, designers, the media... to have a relative cognition, to achieve the basic image value of office furniture brands. In the design of the classic office furniture industry, products may occupy an important part, but the professionalism of the enterprise must be highlighted in all aspects. It must be related to the enterprise itself in architecture, landscape, interior, product, plane, exhibition, color, image, soft decoration, Filing 10 kinds of designs must be paid more attention to in order to stand out. But it seems that no such office furniture company has appeared, let alone the artistic and cultural aspects of design.    The current product development concept of the company is to have new products every year. The fastest way is to learn from foreign exhibitions, especially NEOCON in Chicago and ORGATEC in Cologne. They will not think about the market and development at all, so many homogenous products emerge spontaneously, always in price competition. Here. Product Ru0026D is a combination of external and internal design, trend and market orientation. However, it has become a 'design business'. Many designers who have worked in corporate Ru0026D have jumped out of setting up design companies under market orientation. The appearance is mainly changed, a variety of patterns are drawn and sold in the market, and then the exhibition hall, exhibition, picture album... are packaged together. Of course, it is beneficial to companies with weaker design teams, but it also creates a homogeneous point of business operation. Numerous.    At present, many companies attach the creation of office environment and space as a slogan to their publicity. However, if you observe carefully, there are very few companies that really have this energy to create an overall office space for their customers. The office environment is just talking, never thinking about it. How to use one's own strength or cooperate with professional units to promote the concept of office environment in a planned and methodical manner. The most basic indicator is to see whether there are environmentally-oriented materials in the company's published materials, but the facts are very few.    Front End The two great swords of operation are product development and Marketing, well-known and mature companies will set the ratio of their expenses on the basis of their total turnover, generally between 2-5% of each, and it is continuous. There are many marketing-related projects, even up to a hundred items in size. Because the author has worked with many well-known brands in the United States, Europe and Japan before, I know that not only must they be refined and broad, but each item must also have a considerable amount of shots. The evaluation and utility. Accumulation over time will naturally form a powerful force and become a pioneering force in sales.
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