Contracted fashionable Italian furniture, the furniture is starting a new fashion

Italian furniture has a rich history, with the country's history of art, architecture, industrial and economic development are closely related. Early Renaissance furniture modelling design is famous for its elegant, simple, solemn and majestic, have pure aesthetic feeling and the appropriate proportion of classic. Spiral shape and does not affect the use function of sculpture, delicate, exaggerated or golden color Mosaic decoration is by far the most popular element, designers often their combined application in furniture design. For the rich furniture surface, generally USES the bas-relief approach; Show the royal style, usually coated with light paint. Until the 16th century, began to appear on furniture deep relief. Italian furniture, you can see from the design style, they have a classical and modern two kinds of attractive faces, very closely the art and function. The italians know how to live, not only know the status of art in life. Contracted has always been the feature of Italian furniture, contracted thering is no lack of fashion and noble, it is one of the reasons for the enduring Italian family. Italy have authentic European classical style not only, and is the most vigorous part in modern design. They will be advanced industrial technology and the combination of originality of design, the pursuit of aesthetic attributes, in order to meet the functional requirements of the product. The reason why many people loving Italian furniture, declining aristocratic temperament for it. In China, the Italian contemporary furniture are lifting boom, people have a crush on it also has the reason and emotion, because behind the artistic aesthetic feeling. And, more importantly, the booming Chinese design is from the essence of Italian furniture is looking for suitable for the Chinese, there are more and more families decorate household environment, permeated with the Italian amorous feelings.
classic home furniture are among the best and the long known , which plays an essential part in automatic manufacturing.
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