Customization of office furniture requires consideration of environmental factors

The floor height of the office is one of the environmental factors that everyone needs to consider when choosing office furniture customization. The height of the floor may not have much impact on the visual experience of the office, but the height of the floor will poison the air quality. influences. If the floor is too low, the humidity will be heavier, so it is not suitable to use board, iron and other office furniture that is not resistant to moisture. On the contrary, if the office is on a high level, it is not suitable to use solid wood office furniture, which is afraid of drying. Pay more attention to the environment around the office. If the surrounding environment is windy and there is a lot of dust, it is not advisable to use furniture with too bright colors when choosing office furniture customization. Too frequent maintenance will also have a certain adverse effect on the service life of the furniture. This is also the key content that everyone needs to pay attention to.   Therefore, in the process of customizing office furniture, the materials and colors of office furniture need to be selected according to the office environment.   After learning and understanding several factors that need to be paid attention to when purchasing office furniture with the editor of our Guangzhou classic office furniture manufacturer, would you still not know how to buy classic office furniture in the future?

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