Delicate furniture needs delicate protection, maintenance of Italian furniture is start from the subtleties

Furniture in the household articles for use of components is quite big, each family furniture there are usually composed of two or more materials, Italian furniture because of its delicate appearance and elegant style, on select material is very exquisite. Are usually meaning type furniture of corticosteroid, wood, cloth and other materials. Be affected with damp be affected with damp is not necessarily related to the weather, the home environment is also likely to be too much water. If you want to make furniture from moisture, might as well with yong state to learn a few action. Where there is little musty put a bar of soap, or put the tea-leaf dried in gauze bag, help to eliminate mildew. At the same time to close the Windows and doors in time, prevent moisture penetration. Appropriate contact with thin glue between furniture and the ground, let furniture at the same time rely on the wall and wall part of the space keep zero. 5 - 1 cm distance, thus reducing meaning type furniture direct contact with the wall caused by moisture. For Italian furniture, whether it's summer temperatures, or outdoor ultraviolet ray, all of which affect the service life of furniture, wooden furniture should stay away from the air conditioning vents, make furniture in order to avoid huge temperature difference damage or premature aging, put the position to also want to avoid direct sunlight, when it is necessary to use the curtain shade. Italian furniture often use leather material. Because the air is humid, the human body sweat is much, the pores of leather can absorb sweat and moisture, oily, on leather also can produce peculiar smell, choose special cleaning and care products, lest produce leather chaps. Wooden furniture can't simply use wet cloth to wipe, but should choose professional nursing care products to furniture, lock the moisture in wood, make furniture maintain normal moisture content, prevent wooden cracking and deformation, prolong the service life of furniture.
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