Derive the post-modern style, Italian minimalist home have the characteristics of what?

Postmodernism the word first appeared in the Spanish writer DE became in 1934 published 'selected poems of Spain and Spain'. It is used to describe the reverse movement within the modernism, especially a kind of pure reason modernism reverse psychology, postmodern style. classic Italian furniture style also borrowed some elements of postmodern style. So far, the concept of postmodernism is not a clear definition, this is decided by the diversity and complexity of postmodernism. Interior design, as it were, directly follow the postmodern architectural style. Appeared in the process of creation, 'metaphor' and 'decoration', 'context', the breakthrough in form of a single standard of modernism, showed more regional culture and customs, lead to the diversity of style. Post-modern style emphasize the continuity of history, but it doesn't stick to the traditional logical thinking. Explore new modelling technology emphasizes the tactility, abstract form of classic components with Singapore method. It has three main characteristics. One is emphasized in the form of metaphors, symbols and culture, the history of decoration. Give people a kind of conceptual intuition, at the same time, and do not break the local culture and history of decorative expression. 2 it is eclectic, fusion of old and new, inclusive. It towards the middle, that is, exaggeration and reserved. Three is to strengthen the design method of fuzzy and interesting. Modernistic design characteristics of cold reason by rebel for design detail poking fun at technique, to create a kind of irrational factors inclusive atmosphere easily. It is not easy to really grasp the postmodern style. It seems to be proud, rebellion, revealing everywhere is the lasting appeal of history. It advocates the innovation, but loyal to the traditional. Therefore, postmodern style is worth to savor, rich cultural connotation.
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