Design style derived from culture, Italian furniture dominance

The unique design concept of Italian furniture is from Italy excellent art and culture. At the same time, it will also be arts and science and technology, combining traditional and modern. Can say, Italian furniture alone can lead the global trend, and its art, architecture, technology and economic development is closely related to the history. Strong artistic aesthetics and cultural heritage as the birthplace of Renaissance, Italy under the accumulation of long-term furniture culture gathered for thousands of years of cultural history and harmony of the traditional craft and modern science and technology. We have created a unique Italian classic style furniture. Through changing the design of the capture global furniture market design changes to cater to the tendency of changes in the global furniture, Italian furniture is one of the magic weapon to success. Italy have authentic European classical style not only, and is the most vigorous part in modern design. They will be advanced industrial technology is combined with design originality, the pursuit of aesthetic attributes, meet the functional requirements of the product. Furniture manufacturing craft from generation to generation with the passage of time, the Italian furniture already has the glorious history. However, no matter how the development and science and technology development, the Italian craftsman still use their ancestral genetic craft to make furniture. Therefore, Italian furniture are usually high elegance, and also have more the history of aesthetic feeling. The Italian household style Italian furniture of all sorts of styles will be from the design point of view, an Italian household style with classic and modern, combine art and function. Italian people not only know how to live, they also know that the positions of the art in life. From the Renaissance to the long years of now, Italian furniture style is mainly: the baroque and rococo, Roman, Byzantine and European style popular at that time.
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