Dismantling and remanufacturing of office furniture

We all know that office furniture is composed of a lot of spare parts and some plates we need to make. Then, how do these office furniture differ? Let's take a look with the editor of Guangzhou ! Several parts are connected by physical and chemical methods, such as bolted connection, glued connection, and other modern office furniture. The dismantling of modern office furniture is to interrupt these physical and chemical connections, so that parts can move freely in three-dimensional space. In other words, it is a systematic method of decomposing modern office furniture into its constituent parts, components or other modules. From the perspective of dismantling, the dismantling of modern office furniture can be divided into complete dismantling and incomplete dismantling. Complete dismantling is to dismantle modern office furniture to the extent that all its parts can move freely. Incomplete disassembly means that only the specified parts are disassembled, and the connection method of the remaining parts is basically unchanged. The choice of complete dismantling and incomplete dismantling depends on many factors, but it is mainly determined by the structure and damage degree of modern office furniture. From the perspective of whether the dismantling process is reversible, the dismantling of modern classic office furniture can be divided into destructive dismantling and non-destructive dismantling. Destructive disassembly refers to parts that are damaged during the disassembly process, so that the disassembled parts cannot be reassembled into the original modern office furniture. Non-destructive dismantling means that the components (including the connection method) of modern classic office furniture are not damaged during the dismantling process, so that the disassembled parts can be reassembled into the original modern classic office furniture. The dismantling process of modern office furniture is often accompanied by these two dismantling methods, which are mainly determined by the material properties, connection methods and damage degree of modern office furniture. The modern office furniture remanufacturing process mainly refers to the modern office furniture. The industrial process in the environment of a furniture remanufacturing factory. Through this process, resources can be utilized to the greatest extent possible. The remanufacturing process of modern office furniture needs to follow certain quality standards and economic principles. There are generally six steps: dismantling of used modern office furniture, thorough cleaning of all parts, inspection and classification of parts, and remanufacturing of failed parts. Processing or replacement, product reassembly, product surface reprocessing. In each step of remanufacturing, especially in the process of processing and reassembly, a large number of tests are required to ensure the quality of remanufactured modern office furniture. After learning some knowledge about the dismantling and remanufacturing of office furniture with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture, I have a better understanding of some dismantling of office furniture in the future. However, as one of the top ten brands of office furniture manufacturers in Guangzhou, it is also a trustworthy furniture brand. If you can buy office furniture, come to Guangzhou office furniture to find. The above article comes from Guangzhou Decoration Co., Ltd. (http://www.gzcright.com/), a company specializing in high-end office furniture customization. Please indicate the source for reprinting. Service Hotline: 400-028-1816 Tel: 020-36772045 Mobile: 13929572092
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