Do you dare to use the colors of office furniture indiscriminately?

We all know that color matching is very important. What color matching principles should we follow in the office? Then you must go and have a look with our editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture! Color matching is very closely related to people's character, spirit, living habits and hobbies. Don’t use colors indiscriminately when decorating your office~ The following editor from a well-known Guangzhou classic office furniture manufacturer will teach you how to choose the color of the office space! Red will stimulate the nervous system, increase adrenal secretion, and enhance blood circulation. However, frequent exposure can cause anxiety, and patients with insomnia, neurasthenia, and cardiovascular disease can aggravate the condition, so don't use it! Yellow can invigorate thinking, but the golden office space can easily cause emotional instability and make people's brain consciousness full of multi-layer hallucinations. People who use golden office desks and chairs in large areas for a long time may even get depression and mania! Orange can induce appetite and help the absorption of calcium. If you are worried that employees work too hard and cause loss of appetite or even calcium deficiency, you may wish to create an orange-based healthy office area for everyone. A green office environment is good for digestion. Keep your body balanced. Green can eliminate nervous tension, improve heart function, and relieve eye fatigue. The benefits are numerous. Now it has become the first choice for most companies, and you deserve it~ Blue can reduce the frequency of pulse, adjust homeostasis, and can also Eliminate tension and help relieve headaches, fever, and insomnia symptoms. It is most suitable for white-collar workers who use their brains too much! Purple is a noble color. For example, the Forbidden City in Beijing is also known as the Forbidden City. Purple can effectively maintain potassium balance in the body, and has a depressive effect on motor nerves, lymphatic system and heart system. After learning this, do you dare to use color indiscriminately when buying office furniture? For your health and a happy mood at work, please remember to choose the right color for each area of u200bu200bthe office space~ After learning the color matching of office space with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture, I believe you can also pass I have learned some knowledge to decorate my office space.

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