Do you know how to arrange office furniture?

Today, the editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture will explain to you carefully: how to place office furniture, you must remember it! ! ! The placement of office furniture is a thing worth studying, and the feng shui of office furnishings is also elegant. The history of Feng Shui is quite long. In ancient times, Feng Shui prevailed in the Chinese cultural circle. It was a very important factor for food, clothing, housing and transportation. The core idea of u200bu200bFeng Shui is the harmony between man and nature. Some of the summaries here are based on Feng Shui, and of course there are also psychological ones. The desks are generally placed on the east side for men and the best for women on the west side. Placed in the southeast, northwest, and southwest is good for business and wealth. Generally speaking, it is necessary to decide the placement position according to the decoration style and style of the office, as long as the following points can be satisfied: the user is comfortable, there is no sense of depression in entering the office, it is convenient to use, and it is least affected by the outside world, and try to avoid external sounds Or the behavior is affected. In addition to plants, you can also use some calligraphy, painting or ceramics to alleviate the office pressure of the leader, because the poetry and ceramic series products will make the leader focus on it for a short time, especially when thinking, it can make the leader enter the state faster to achieve Make a correct judgment in the shortest time. The window of the desk cannot be the corridor. If the window is facing the corridor and people are working and under the window, this will make the leader greatly affected by the walk of the aisle. At the same time, the clutter and noise are exchanged through the window, which interferes. In addition to the work of the leader, the leader has the suspicion to prevent the leakage of secrets. If the suspicion becomes serious for a long time, it will cause problems such as lack of energy. The style and characteristics of the users need to be considered while decorating the office. For example, for a lady, if the leader is more childlike, you need to place a small cactus, which can give her a reminder and enhance his confidence. Now, there are more and more electrical appliances in the office, and some non-metallic materials can be appropriately added. In addition to the plants, calligraphy, painting, and ceramics mentioned above, other decorations can be placed according to the leaders' preferences. design is an art, a science, and a reflection of soul. Model design, structure design and process design are 3 aspects. Excellent furniture design is not only practical, comfortable and durable, it must also be the inheritor of history and culture. After learning about the placement of office furniture with the editor of Guangzhou , do you know more about the placement of office furniture?

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