Does modern luxury furniture have warranty period?

Youbond Furniture Co., Ltd provides warranty service related to the modern luxury furniture. If you experience quality problems with your products and would like to get your products repaired or replaced, please feel free to contact us. Our service team, consisting of several professionals, is fully committed to assuring you enjoy a positive & rewarding experience through the implementation of the after-sales warranty service. To tell the truth, all the products we've developed have been put to the strict chemical and physical tests. Only those products that can withstand the toughest conditions can be shipped out of our factory.
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Up until now, Youbond is known as a large scale enterprise in China. We have manufactured a wide collection of quality classic furniture. Various in styles, Youbond's classic furniture can meet the needs of different customers. The product is not prone to rust. The presence of the stable film prevents corrosion by acting as a barrier that limits oxygen and water access to the underlying its surface. It is designed to be Italian classic. The product is always a preferred choice for those have skin allergies. Its softness and non-toxic fabrics will not irritate their skin. It can be customized by material and color.
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Youbond intends to become a global leader specializing in classic dining room furniture development and manufacturing. Inquire!

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