Fashion and classic combination, which is unique to Italy's charm

Domestic high-end furniture market in recent years popular 'Italian wind', there are many consumers to mix him up with contracted style, but what exactly is an Italian wind? In the fashion circle, Italy has always been synonymous with 'advanced'. Has experienced the baptism of the Renaissance holds rich culture and humanity, art and creativity is flowing in the life of the country, the history and the modern, and function combination of art, fashion and classic combination, which is unique to Italy's charm. Also be one of the important reason for the enduring Italian furniture. Italian furniture is the most popular in Italian modern minimalist style, but most people are of Italian modern minimalist style is a big misunderstanding actually has several different minimalist global, milan, Italy, Germany and the Nordic is one of the main global minimalist furniture production areas. Is one of the most simple Scandinavian minimalist, traces the heaviest is German style of industrialization, in the contracted with luxurious and fashionable is milan's modern minimalist style. Modern minimalist style of delicate and contracted, reveal the strong sense of design. In the modern design is a very noble temperament. The classical element of Italian furniture, modern interpretation, the adornment of the silver gold foil Mosaic, the adornment of mahogany, straight line, cylindrical, shells, leaf of lang Chinese trumpet creeper, vortex roll, lion high relief, such as elegant luxury decorative elements common to them. Modern Italian furniture design, in the classical Italian furniture sense of elegance and the perfection of details, the soft bag, on the basis of simple to complex, eliminating the traditional heavy and complicated of carve patterns or designs on woodwork. Put more effort in humanized details, starting from the nature of life, to the very essence of deducing the modern minimalist design light the luxury of aesthetics. Contracted and not simple, relative to the traditional, modern minimalism is more simple, more smooth texture, design lines more smooth, more clear, simple and do not break vogue, low profile and do not break elegance. Simple to complex, from the simple to the extreme, emphasizes on the pursuit of sensory plain and neat and tidy, tastes and ideas on pay attention to the elegance and style. In the level of high functionality and appearance to give attention to two or morethings, not grandstanding, but attract attention all the time.
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