Feng Shui of Office Furniture

Now more and more people pay attention to Feng Shui, so how much do you know about Feng Shui in office furniture? So, let’s go with our editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture to have a look at Feng Shui, a traditional culture that makes people rich and wealthy, and a custom that is widely spread among the people. Fierce terminology, a subject of science about the natural environment, and the highest metaphysics of adjusting and transforming destiny, have attracted many people from ancient times to the present, and even spent their entire lives visiting famous teachers. Because bad feng shui can make people get into trouble, peach blossoms, get sick, and get bad luck, while good feng shui can make people rise in position, make money, make money, and get good luck. As time goes by and time goes by, the pace of life of modern people is getting faster and faster. They hope to quickly make their careers successful, quickly obtain huge wealth, and enjoy a good life wholeheartedly, so the feng shui craze once again swept across the land of China. Some people say: 'The destiny of man is born, we have no choice.' Yes, fate is predestined, but the environment and orientation we live in can indeed be chosen. Good feng shui needs a professional feng shui master to determine, but if we grasp some principles of good luck and avoid evil, we can be a feng shui master for ourselves and our family in life. Today, let’s talk about the five principles of feng shui in the office. Most people engaged in mental work work in the office every day, whether it is an executive or an office employee, whether it is a group boss or a manager of a large company, the location of the office and the indoor environment. Placement design is crucial. The first solution is to adjust the position of the desk and change it to a position that is not sitting behind the door: it is not easy to adjust the position of the desk for the small staff in the office alone, because many desks are located because of work. Place as needed. Then we can choose a chair with a backrest to sit on, so that not only can there be a backrest, but also the impact of miscellaneous air can be blocked. The second principle of office feng shui is to avoid sitting on the aisle. The window is an air inlet of the house, which will bring in anger or evil spirits. There is a pedestrian walkway outside the window, which will not only bring in the coming and going, there will also be pedestrian footsteps, noise, and other noises that interfere with your work. If the desk is placed under the pedestrian window, it is tantamount to putting the desk under some form: If you need to study the company's secrets, you will naturally worry about some people peeping. Working on such a desk near the window will make you feel uncomfortable to do things. The solution is: the writing desk should be as far away from the window as possible. , The distance away from the window is that people in the aisle cannot see the documents on the desk. At the same time, curtains should be used, and curtains should be often used to cover the windows to prevent people shaking outside the window from affecting the thinking of workers. The third principle of office feng shui is to avoid windows behind the seats. Many high-end office rooms have bright floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the buildings. There is a kind of high comfort. Some people like to place the desk parallel to the window and set the seat on the desk. Between the floor-to-ceiling windows, the window is used as a backing, so the position of the desk is wrong. There is a window behind the seat, just like a door behind the seat, which is not usable. The window is a light and air entrance. The theory and the refusal to lean behind the seat. The door is the same. Solution: One is to adjust the position of the desk; the other is to choose a chair with a high back. The fourth principle of office feng shui is to have a backer from the perspective of feng shui. The first principle of good feng shui is 'mountain surrounded by waterTherefore, choosing a desk in our work can not only work comfortably, but also adjust our body. The office feng shui article that the editor talks about today can also refer to it when you buy classic office furniture in the future! After studying the relevant office feng shui layout and office furnishing principles with the editor of Guangzhou office furniture, you have a more thorough understanding of classic office furniture feng shui knowledge.
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