Feng Shui of Office Furniture of Company Boss

The location of the boss's office is the most important part of the company's feng shui, and it controls the destiny of the company as a whole. The three major elements of success that everyone agrees on are: 'time'Tian Shi' focuses on the appropriateness of the timing, 'Human Harmony' emphasizes the efforts of personnel, and 'Geographical advantage' emphasizes whether the configuration of environment and space is harmonious. For an enterprise to be successful, none of the above three conditions are indispensable. In fact, to set up a company, you must first consider the surrounding environment, convenient locations, the shape of the building, the internal layout and configuration, etc. The so-called 'beginning with caution' is the first step to success. The choice of location and the shape of the building are based on environmental feng shui, and there are many factors to be considered. I will not go into details here. Only a few points to note about the internal configuration of the boss’s office are proposed for your reference. The boss’s office should be the most important position of the last boss’s office in the company. It is the key to the success of the company. In principle, it should be at the back of the office, just like an army commander in control of the command and dispatch. It is easier to control the employees and the employees are more dedicated. On the contrary, if the position of the boss or general manager is placed near the door, it is like a small soldier playing the front line, resulting in the phenomenon of the ruler, the labor and the minister. The boss is hands-on in everything, and the employees are relatively passive and have no sense of identity with the company. The chairman of the board can be located in the northwest, because the northwest is the place of the 'gan' hexagram, and the Qian hexagram takes the image of the principal. Generally speaking, the design and configuration of office rooms is that the higher the position, the lower the back, just like the arrangement of the banking industry. The front line is counter clerk, assistant manager, assistant manager, manager, etc., the higher the position, the lower the seat. Because the banking industry has to serve the public and get close to the people, most of them have no compartments and have little impact. However, in general companies, the supervisors should have compartments, so that the entire office will not be empty, and personnel will be alienated. Moreover, at a glance, the boss and general manager have no privacy when making decisions, and they are vulnerable to the risk of leaks of villains and company business secrets. The boss’s office should have a higher floor. The boss’s office and the general manager’s office should be separated. It is not advisable to co-exist in the same room. It is prone to power struggles, coordination is difficult, and each has its own opinions. At the same time, the number of square meters in the chairman's room should not be too large, because it is not easy to get together, and the business will decline due to the appearance of loneliness. Don’t think that the bigger the room, the more elegant it is. Of course, too small a number of pings is not suitable, which means that business expansion is not easy and the pattern development is limited. The boss’s office and business supervisor’s office are best located on higher floors. The movement into the boss’s office room should also be smooth. Although the boss’s office and supervisor’s room are mostly behind, the movement from the door to the room should not be crooked, or obstructed by debris, or the winding path is deep and dark. It is difficult for money to enter the room, and the business will be difficult. The door of the boss’s office to the boss’s room is best to open in the front left of the seat. As far as the door is concerned, it is in the front right, because most of us walk on the right. Or the door position can be based on the auspicious position of one's life, that is, the position of anger, prolonging the year, celestial medicine, and fuwei position. Or you can choose the prosperous air position, that is, due south, northeast, and due west. If all the above three are met, it is the best choice. Otherwise, it can be adapted to local conditions. The above are some simple views of Guangzhou Office Furniture on 'Company Boss Office Feng Shui'. For more details, please pay attention to the latest information.
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