Five taboos for office furniture maintenance

As a manufacturer of office furniture, classic office furniture companies must not only ensure that the product design is good, but also match the colors of the products according to the needs of the company, provide high-quality and generous services, but also help the company to maintain the office furniture to ensure that the service life of the furniture is longer. . In the maintenance process of office furniture, there are some taboos that must be paid attention to. Otherwise, it will be difficult to remedy them. Hard drag and drag in the handling must be avoided. In the process of enterprise expansion, the placement of classic office furniture often needs to be adjusted. In this process, you must pay attention to lifting and placing gently, and the placement must be stable to avoid shaking, otherwise it will affect the overall The effect of use. Avoid moisture and exposure: In the case of exposure to the sun, wooden office furniture will be cracked, deformed, discolored and yellowed. In the case of moisture, the wood is prone to swelling, which will lead to rot over time. Then, in the maintenance China must first avoid these two problems. Avoid placing heavy objects on office furniture. Under heavy pressure, office furniture will be deformed, for example, cabinet doors cannot be closed tightly. Avoid wiping with strong corrosive solvents. The surface of office furniture is coated with paint. Strong corrosive substances can cause damage to the paint surface. Even alcohol and gasoline may cause damage to the paint surface. Avoid leaving water droplets on the surface of office furniture after wiping. After wiping, if there are water droplets on the surface of the office furniture, it must be cleaned, otherwise the surface will be damaged for a long time. In fact, in the maintenance process, there are still quite a few details that need to be paid attention to. The editor of Guangzhou Factory believes that the above details must be particularly important.

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