flexsteel appoints jerald k. dittmer president and ceo

Flexsteel appointed Jerald K.
President ditemer of Iowa and President CEOBusiness wire dubuque--
Flexsteel Industries, Inc. , December 20, 2018. , (the “Company”)(NASDAQ: FLXS)
One of the largest manufacturers, importers and marketers of residential and contractor furniture products and wooden furniture products in the United States announced today, Jerald (Jerry)K.
Ditemer has been appointed chief executive of the company since December 28, 2018.
Ditemer is an outstanding leader in the office furniture industry and is a senior at a listed company and hnicorpor, the world\'s leading classic office furniture manufacturer.
\"After a thorough search and interviews with many qualified candidates, Jerry Dittmer is a clear and consistent choice for our board of directors to become the eighth president of Flexsteel 125 --
Thomas M, chairman of Flexsteel, said. Levine.
\"Jerry\'s industry knowledge and operational leadership in one of the largest and most successful furniture companies will put our company in a unique position in promoting growth, performance and shareholder value creation, at the same time, maintain the culture that has been the symbol of Flexsteel since the establishment of Flexsteel.
\"I am honored to join an organization with a long history of product innovation and customer service,\" said Dittmer . \".
\"I am excited about the growth prospects of the furniture industry and believe that flexsteel is able to prepare for sustained growth and shareholder value through quality products that exceed customer expectations. ”Mr.
Ditemer will be appointed to the board of directors as of December 28.
Dittmer came to Flexsteel with over 25 years of experience in the furniture industry, including leadership positions in HNI and its subsidiaries.
Recently, he served as president of HON, a large classic office furniture designer and manufacturer.
Appointed President of HON in 2008, Dittmer successfully positioned the $1 billion business as a defense against recession and increased revenue before interest and taxes (EBIT)
Higher than the previous box office.
By re-adjusting the manufacturing footprint and changing the go-to-
Market capacity has generated significant profit growth in three months. year period.
Dittmer also proactively recognizes the changing market dynamics within the industry and leads HON\'s e-commerce
Business plan from infancy to important locations and profit contributors.
In addition, he led a strategic acquisition to deliver value the next day-
Reasonably priced seats and simple furniture while developing a unique spacious product
Bring products to market through e-commerce
Significant growth has been achieved by retailers, independent dealers and national suppliers.
Prior to his appointment as president of HON, Dittmer served as chief financial officer of HON hief (CFO)for HNI.
As chief financial officer, Dittmer is fully responsible for the company\'s domestic and foreign financial, accounting, finance, taxation, shared service enterprise risk management, internal audit, IT, procurement, mergers and acquisitions, etc, divestiture and strategic planning.
During his tenure as chief financial officer, HNI was promoted from fifth to second in the classic office furniture industry.
Prior to his appointment as chief financial officer in 2001, Dittmer held several executive positions in inhni and HON, including group vice president, seating and wood products;
Chief information officer of HNI company, general manager of Oak Steel;
The head of Locke Company and MAXON company;
Assistant Director and Director of HNI internal audit company.
Prior to joining HNI in 2001, Dittmer, who won a bachelor\'s degree from atIowa State University, worked in PricewaterhouseCoopers, crowzellerbach, HAVI Corporation and Arthur.
The Flexsteel Board retains Allegis Partners and ghSMART & Co.
Assist in identifying and evaluating potential candidates.
About FlexsteelFlexsteel Industries, Inc.
Subsidiaries (the “Company”)
The company will celebrate its 125 Anniversary on 1893.
Flexsteel Industries, Inc.
It is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers, importers and marketers of residential and contract upholstered furniture products in the United States.
For generations, the company has built a followers dedicated to retail and consumers on its patented, guaranteed basisfor-
Blue Steel Spring™-All-riveted, high-carbon,steel-
The ribbon seat platform provides strength and comfort for lifetime use for soft cushions and leather furniture.
The company provides products for home, hotels, healthcare, leisure vehicles, oceans and offices, distributing furniture in the United States and Canada through the company\'s sales team and various independent delegates. Forward-
Forward-looking statements, including statements in this version that are not historical or current facts, are \"forward-looking --
Statement issued under the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
There are important factors that may lead to significant differences between our results and the results expected by some of the statements made in this article.
What investors need to pay attention to is that,
Risk and uncertainty are forward-looking statements.
Some of the factors that may affect the results are the cyclical nature of the furniture industry, supply chain disruption, litigation, product recall, effectiveness of new product introductions and distribution channels, portfolio of products sold, pricing pressure, cost of raw materials and fuel, retention and recruitment of key employees, government actions including laws, regulations, taxes and duties, inflation, generated sales and their profit margins, competition (bothU. S. and foreign)
With the customer\'s credit risk, participate more
The employer\'s pension plan and general economic conditions.
For information on these risks and uncertainties, please see the \"risk factors\" section of our most recent annual report on table 10, Item 1AK.
For more information, please visit our website on business Swire to view the source version.
Com: Contact: Investor Contact: Donni Case, financial profile 310. 622.
8224 Pooley Liao Sha, whose financial position is 310. 622.
8230FLXS @ finprofiles.
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