Four misunderstandings of office furniture cleaning

We all know that furniture is easy to get dirty after being used for a long time. Therefore, classic office furniture must be cleaned and maintained regularly. However, improper office furniture cleaning will make office furniture more likely to cause damage, thus greatly reducing the cost Service life. So, what mistakes should be paid attention to when cleaning office furniture? May wish to go with the editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture to see if the furniture has been used for a long time, the surface is easy to be contaminated with dust, so it should be cleaned regularly. However, many friends often use some wrong methods when cleaning the furniture, which can easily cause damage to the furniture and shorten its service life. Four major misunderstandings of furniture cleaning ↓Misunderstanding 1: Use old clothes as a rag to wipe furniture. When children grow up, they can’t wear old clothes, and they should throw away old clothes after they buy new clothes... The housewife who manages the house can’t do such a wasteful thing, so , The old clothes are transformed into large and small cloths. There is nothing wrong with using old things, but not all old clothes can be used as rags. Coarse cloth clothes with poor water absorption and old uncut clothes should not be used directly as rags, nor can they be used directly to wipe new furniture, especially the more expensive solid wood furniture. Because coarse cloth with poor water absorption or buttons, zippers, decorations on old clothes, etc., it is very easy to scratch the surface of the furniture during cleaning and wiping, and damage the protective film of the furniture. The most suitable is soft old cotton clothes, which can be used directly after being cut. Of course, it is best to use soft towels, cotton cloths, cotton fabrics and flannel as wiping tools. These relatively absorbent fabrics are most suitable for cleaning furniture. Misunderstanding 2: Washing furniture with detergent and soapy water seems to be a magical existence. It can wash dishes, wash walls, and wash furniture. It is really a universal cleaner. In fact, this is just what we think can be used in this way. In fact, cleaning agents are not omnipotent. Using the wrong cleaning products may cause 'disfigurement' of furniture. Because the material of wooden furniture has a certain ability to absorb water, common water wiping will cause the wood to absorb water and expand, which affects the appearance. And cleaning products such as soapy water and detergent are corrosive, and furniture often exposed to these acid and alkaline detergents will make the furniture dull. It is even more undesirable to wipe with detergent and then wash with water. Minutes is the rhythm of furniture 'disfigurementSo don't think that what can decontaminate is omnipotent, and the cleaning of furniture must be done with professional cleaners. Misunderstanding 3: Using a dry rag to wipe the surface of wooden furniture will accumulate dust on the surface of furniture for a long time. Some people are used to using a dry rag to wipe the dust on the surface of the wooden furniture. In fact, doing so is likely to cause frictional damage to the paint surface of the furniture. Fiber, sand and silica are the main components of dust. The scratches caused by these fine particles on the paint surface during the back and forth wiping will be very small at first, most of which are basically invisible to the naked eye, but over time, it will make the surface of the furniture. It is no longer bright, and even more and more rough. The more scientific method of cleaning is to use a soft damp cloth to wipe the surface of the furniture, and wring the cloth as much as possible before wiping. Misunderstanding 4: Use wood furniture care agent to maintain leather sofa furniture care products should be used according to the furniture category, and should not be mixed. Wood furniture care agent should be used on wooden furniture, not on furniture made of other materials. Although some wooden furniture care spray wax product descriptions say that it can be used for the care and maintenance of leather sofas, they should not be mixed frequently, otherwise it will cause the sofa leather to age. 4 Misunderstandings of Cleaning Is your company's cleaning aunt committing it? In order to better clean and maintain classic office furniture, tell Aunt Procter u0026 Gamble these misunderstandings to enhance the service life of office furniture.

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