From an Italian furniture yesterday and today, Italian furniture style

by:Senbetter     2020-06-08
Renaissance Italian furniture is mainly the baroque and rococo, popular in Europe, such as Roman, Byzantine style. Until the second world war, the technical innovation, Italian furniture design began to emerge from the design of boreal Europe style, has formed a very local characteristics of household style. Decades of orderly development brought Italian furniture is a new face in due course. Three kinds of Tuscany, Venice and milan furniture style occupy the leading position in the international household style, become the main representative of Italian furniture style. Features of Italian style furniture, Italian furniture is characterized by the complex decoration becomes simple and elegant. Injected classical design simple and practical modern design, make live in adornment to more flexible. Classic beauty into the modern life, through classical contracted furniture, detail lines on the sculpture, as well as western style furnishings and accessories, create a unique style characteristic of the Italian style and elegant atmosphere. Italian style furniture to pay attention to the fine cutting, carving and Mosaic. Also stressed embossing three-dimensional sense, the pursuit of sleek lines and curvature. Various steering parts are overall outline and style furniture by symmetry, rhythm of spiral curve or surface, strive for in line and proportion design to fully demonstrate the rich artistic atmosphere. Italian furniture manufacturing process of Italy not only authentic European classical style, and is the place where the most vigorous modern design. They will be the progress of industrial technology combined with originality of design, the pursuit of meet the demand of product function aesthetic attributes. In China, Italian furniture is popular, because people are obsessed with the combination of reason and sensibility, and was struck by its artistic beauty. More importantly, the burgeoning Chinese design is from the Italian furniture is to find the essence of China, more and more families start into Italian style in household environment.
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