From the cultural history of Italian furniture, see the formation of Italian furniture brand style

Italian furniture assemble for thousands of years of cultural history and its unique artistic style and elegant, beautiful modelling design, occupying the important status in the history of world furniture. The design of Italian origin early, as it technology, aesthetic and functional requirements, accompany grow up with the civilization. Italy is the birthplace of Renaissance, also is a hotbed of Renaissance type furniture at the creation, at the end of the fifteenth century Italian art to absorb the essence of ancient modelling furniture. Italy is also the birthplace of the baroque style, the founding of the baroque decoration design furniture in the palace, the palace baroque style for the center with the Roman development to peak in the 1750 s, after the 17th century Italian baroque furniture for production center in northern area, these furniture is much by faithfulness, excellent skills, with good structure, show extremely strong features. In the early 20th century, after the industrial revolution, across the European style called the 'new art movement', but for Italy, only the northern cities affected by more, away from the wind but can be used to find elements in culture and history, realize their own imagination, so Italian furniture can occupies a place in the modern design trend. By the mid - 1950 - s, the technology progress in the field of decoration and the emergence of the new material decided the evolution of Italian design style, designer and emerging entrepreneurs know that don't have to take all the manpower and material resources to produce a heavy products, new technologies and materials should be used to produce the furniture with a lighter structure, its national nature and creativity combined with thick cultural roots, so they can quickly out of their own style. Italian design is still in development, they roll out the exhibition to design field continuously put forward new Suggestions and new ideas and new thinking. Nowadays, environmental problems become the design concerns, they do more cultural connotation in the design at the same time, also hope that the furniture of the microenvironment in natural environment.
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