From the details to the whole delicate, is the pursuit of meaning type furniture

As time went on, Italian furniture has been carrying a glorious history, but no matter how to develop, how advanced the technology, the Italian craftsman people still use their ancestors process for making furniture. Arts and crafts of Italian society, culture and way of life has become an indispensable part of, for the people all over the world to pursue high quality life has brought the luxury of Italian furniture, elegant and comfortable. Details of the pursuit of perfect, the overall elegant nobility, this is the pursuit of meaning type furniture since the inconvenience. Is as a result, we often can see the decoration of silver and gold inlaid in the classical Italian furniture, designer with golden craft to the decoration, exalt type household sends out a gold unique temperament, let furniture sends out a distinctive charm, let use furniture each person as if place oneself in the elegant palace courtyard. Coffee table legs of the table modelling is exquisite, unique. If the unique style of design is the soul of Italian furniture, so the high quality raw materials is the basis of Italian furniture. Italian artisans in wood choice stage strictly all the more, as far as possible while maintaining its original stance fluency and inclusive of the guarantee of the follow-up process, cherry wood, walnut and mahogany, these are all Italian furniture often use of raw materials. Italian sofa agree with American sofa manufacture idea, is comfortable for the highest standards, thus relatively deep seat, back cushion space is big. In addition, Italian furniture also is the best choice of the fabric and leather. From the linen fiber from cotton to silk, Italian artisans will this kind of fabric into the Renaissance art aesthetic feeling, to perfect present in the form of furniture.
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