Full analysis of common finishes of office furniture

A few days ago, the editor introduced to you the knowledge of classic office furniture panels. Today, the editor compiled the comparison of different material veneers, so that you can clearly understand the advantages and disadvantages of different materials, so that you can better choose the products you need. Melamine paper surface u0026 PVC veneer-the index is very high, the price is quite affordable (the most commonly used veneer for classic office furniture) Advantages: it has rich color patterns, plain and textured, glossy and pitted, and dumb There is light and light. After the melamine resin solution is soaked in the air, it has no volatility, which makes the plate not easy to deform and has good corrosion and abrasion resistance. Disadvantages: the edge banding is easy to degumming, and the surface is only flat and cannot be uneven. Suitable object: The budget is not much, and the simple style is practical. Purchase items: 1. Check the cut surface of the board to ensure that the base material is tight and thick. 2. The finish is smooth and pliable, feels smooth, and has uniform color. 3. The edge banding does not cause leakage, and no irritating odor. Or it's the same price as melamine, but it's actually a veneer. One is the same as the trimeric ammonia veneer; the other is to open the mold to make blister. The price is very cheap and the speed is very fast. The surface is also scratch-resistant, but many factories do not have blister machines and need to be sent out. Yes, so the price will be higher, and it will not have the price advantage. Solid wood veneer-the natural texture of solid wood can make up for your regrets about expensive solid wood classic office furniture. Advantages: It sticks the natural veneer to the veneer of the base material. It does not look very different from solid wood cabinets, but the price is much cheaper. You can also choose the colors and textures of different tree species in order, and splice them into flowers, etc. Disadvantages: It is not easy to clean, and it is easy to deteriorate in a humid environment. Suitable objects: like solid wood texture effect, good lighting and ventilation conditions, non-bottom office environment. Purchase items: 1. Clear wood grain on the surface, thick veneer, natural knots and color difference patterns 2. Rounded corners without gaps, sticking to leather 3 .Try to choose a big brand with a guarantee. The solid wood veneer style is very particular about the craftsmanship. Summary: In terms of price, the melamine veneer has the advantage, the solid wood veneer is more difficult to maintain, and the abrasion resistance, waterproof and high temperature resistance of the veneer is much worse than that of the melamine veneer. , Consumers who are afraid of troublesome maintenance are not recommended to choose solid wood veneer panel furniture. Polyester paint (baking paint) finishes-Polyester paint is also what we often say. Advantages of baking paint: traditional process high-temperature baking, good gloss, fineness, good waterproofness, strong stain resistance, easy to clean, easy to shape, and visual Strong impact, beautiful and fashionable; Disadvantages: more afraid of bumps and scratches, poor anti-collision performance, not resistant to strong acid and easy to change color, once broken, it is difficult to repair and needs to be replaced. Purchase items: 1. Observe whether the side and surface are smooth and flat, the color is stable and luster, and the color is stable and luster. 2. The nail does not slip out of the mark on it, and there is a layer of slip film on the surface. The edges of the surface are clear and straight, and there is no uneven thickness of the fireproof board finish-the fireproof board can be described as a 'variable master'. Advantages: It has a rich surface color, pattern, special physical properties and convenient processing. It uses a metal plate panel + halogen-free Flame-retardant inorganic core layer, composited by hot pressing, sandwich-type sandwich panel has fireproof function, heat preservation and heat insulation, it is the first choice for safety; Disadvantage: only suitable for flat panel layout, unable to create a sense of fashion with three-dimensional effects such as bumps and metals Slightly worse. Applicable objects: Those with low requirements for modeling effects.

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