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1. Before purchasing furniture, first measure the dimensions (long, wide, and high) of the room's bottom floor, and then design the overall layout of the room bottom and the required bottom furniture variety, function, style, color, and quantity. In this way, the goal is clear and time-saving. The

2. The newly-married furniture should not only be novel in style, but also take into account the life of the baby born in the future. For example, a glass door mounted on a low cabinet is likely to be the best choice for children to choose the wooden door. The

3, 'Modern' furniture style is easy to outdated, on the contrary, the cultural connotation of the traditional furniture diet is enduring, and has the value of preservation. The

4. Light-colored furniture is suitable for small rooms or north facing rooms with poor lighting conditions. Dark-colored furniture can be selected for rooms with good lighting, which can show a simple and elegant atmosphere. There are factory chimneys nearby and there are more dust, and the choice of furniture is simple and clean. Otherwise, the cleaning will take a lot of your precious time. For another example, angled furniture should not be used in damper rooms. The

5, the elderly do not rush to 'trendy' to buy a tall cabinet, although the high cabinet saves space, but it is inconvenient to climb high. The

6. The floor space of furniture in the house should be 45%, and some household appliances and clothes and hat racks should be left in place. The

7. The scale of furniture and elevation should be consistent with the area and height of the room so as to avoid the purchase of furniture that does not fit in, or to destroy the layout that has been conceived.

8, in addition to the entire set of furniture, but also configure the dining table, dining chair, sofa table and other furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to understand in advance the color, style and specifications of the single-piece furniture so that it will be difficult to support them in the future. The

9, can buy a good furniture can be smoothly moved into the door? The key is that the diagonal of the longest space in the furniture cannot be larger than the largest diagonal line at the corner of the passage or stairs. Of course, when designing a home, it is generally referred to the building dimensions of the building. However, some households with old-fashioned houses should note this factor. The

10, should pay attention to the practicality of furniture, not to be fancy but only heavy style, do not look at the use of effects. Therefore, when purchasing furniture, you must fully consider your actual life needs.

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