furniture industry in turmoil.

The anti-dumping application filed by the legal and trade commission of American furniture manufacturers is actually tearing the furniture industry apart.
Starting a legal battle between North America and Chinese wooden classic bedroom furniture manufacturers, has escalated to a multi-fieldfront, all-outwar.
In October, the furniture retailer and furniture brand International Group, the largest furniture manufacturer in the United States, not only quickly condemned the petition.
31, but actively participate in helping to try and defeat it.
Delegates from the legal trade commission and the furniture trade group said that their respective industry work was balanced in the International Trade Commission\'s ruling on the petition.
A final decision may be made as early as the week of January. 5.
In its petition, the legal and trade commission sought to impose tariffs of 158% to 440% on Chinese wooden bedroom furniture.
The petitioner claimed that the Chinese manufacturer had violated the US regulations. S.
And international trade law for selling furniture at a low price for people, and in doing so, deliberately trying to steal sales and market share from domestic manufacturers.
As it was not possible to compete on an equal price basis, the petitioner claimed that many American citizensS.
Manufacturers have been forced to shut down factories, while operating profits for those still active in the country have shrunk sharply.
A spokesman for the retailer\'s position against the anti-dumping petition said they were concerned that furniture prices would soar if tariffs were imposed, retail sales would decline, and store closures and layoffs would result.
Another major reason why retailers oppose this application is that many of them import wood classic bedroom furniture directly from China and will therefore have to pay anti-dumping duties.
The first action of the ad hoc furniture retailer group is to get other retailers to join him]
They convinced you. S.
The manufacturer who did not participate in the petition objected.
Retailers hope they can undermine the petition by convincing enough manufacturers to oppose it when the Commerce Department contacts them.
Petitioners must be supported by domestic manufacturers, which account for at least 50% of the manufacturing sector in the United States. S.
As the anti-dumping investigation of itc continues, the shipment of wooden bedroom furniture.
International furniture brands also have similar vested interests in anti-dumping lawsuits.
Tire companies with Thomasville, Broyhill, Henredon, Lane and Drexel Heritage import most of the wood bedroom furniture from overseas, especially in China. G. W.
\"Mickey\" Hollyman, St. Louis-
The Malaysian-based company has vowed to transfer its product resources from China to other low-wage countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia if anti-dumping duties are imposed.
As we noted in our report on page 52 of this issue, tensions surrounding the disputed anti-dumping application have gone beyond the scope of legal proceedings.
At least two retailers-
Furniture warehouse USA
Value of City Furniture-
It has been decided to stop selling the products produced by the furniture company, which supported the petition.
The actions of the two retailers, as well as other retailers likely to follow suit, add harm to the insult.
A spokesman for the furniture retailer said the price was not the only reason they bought more products from China, but at the domestic price. sources.
They say the quality and service problems of Chinese products are generally lower than those made in the US.
Members of the legal trade commission have refuted claims that their company\'s products and services are of low quality, and believe that these allegations are smoke bombs.
No matter which way the international trade center rules, the wounds that have been opened in the battle between the United States and the United StatesS.
Competition between manufacturers and retailers will be a slow cure.
Even with tariffs, members of the legal trade commission will only have a small victory.
AsHolliman and others have suggested that Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries are ready, willing and able to make up for that. (
For more information about Vietnam, see cover story on page 27th day of this month. )
Ultimately, the only way in AmericaS.
Furniture makers will win the domestic market to impress prices --
Conscious consumers believe that their products have outstanding value in terms of quality, style, delivery and service.
As those of us who are closely following the import of wood furniture are steadily climbing, accounting for 50% of the domestic market, this is easier said than done.
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