Future office furniture usher in a new intelligent ecology

You should know that the future of office furniture will usher in a new intelligent ecology. So, what is the embodiment of intelligent classic office furniture for us? So, let's go and have a look with the editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture! Environmentally friendly, ecological, and interesting, we creatively turn traditional screens into green plant isolation belts. The light source at the top of the screen is automatically irradiated for 14 hours a day to ensure the growth of plants and vegetables. Inductive eye protection lights help protect the eyes, and can also be used as a light source. After work, lowering the screen screen and taking care of the plants can relax the body and mind and relieve eye fatigue. The details of the ecological screen are relaxed, tolerant, and casual, making communication more efficient and interesting. In fact, work requires a relaxed and casual atmosphere. Our smart information bar integrates the integrated control terminal into the traditional bar, and access to the large screen of various devices without barriers, real-time sharing, wine tasting and chatting, meeting affairs can be completed easily and efficiently. ?Smart bar The human, flexible, and convenient smart robotic arm controls the rising, tilting, and rotating of the large screen, allowing office meeting information to be shared without blind spots. The desktop is equipped with iMeeting2 integrated control terminal, which can automatically adjust the office mode; light, curtains, air-conditioning, computer, music one-key conversion; jacklock2 smart lock automatically switches within 10 meters, always protecting privacy. Smart, first of all, we must provide humanized services. ?Intelligent staff position: the screen can be raised and lowered to enable it to have functions such as work and meetings; the embedded screen is tilted 6 degrees inward, which is ergonomic design, and the details are full of human touch. Weilai's furniture is intelligent furniture, and everything in the future will no longer be what it is now.

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