Good furniture maintains, can make furniture is durable and beautiful

As the core of the sitting room, sofa of the sitting room decorate effect have very big effect. Italian leather sofa atmosphere, elegant, fashion, has been welcomed by consumers. Use high-grade material of sofa used excellent experience, simple sense is also very good. But how to maintain for the sitting room sofa, prolong its service life? Small make up today for your explained the meaning type furniture sofa maintenance methods. Leather has a natural pores and skin texture, feel plump, soft and elastic. On the market of leather materials they can be roughly divided into: all green husk, half green husk, embossed leather, crack skin four. The first two are usually very expensive, but the quality is very good. The latter two relatively cheap, suitable for ordinary families. Method one: use clean water wet towel, twist dry wipes the dust and dirt on the surface of sofa, reoccupy care agent, wipe gently in the surface of sofa, once or twice, Don't use waxy quality care products) , is the purpose of using care agent can form a layer of protective film on the surface, the isolated from dirt easily after leather Italian sofa clean. Method 2: ensure that the room ventilation. Too dry or humidity will accelerate the ageing of leather; Second, leather Italian sofa can not put in direct sunlight, nor in the air conditioning blows straight, such meetings make leather surface harden fade. Method 3: when brushing sofa do not forcibly knead, so as not to damage the skin. ( Note: before using wax and cleaning agent, it's best to shake, and then with the spray cans directly into a 45 degree Angle, make the tank of liquid ingredients released in full and not lose pressure. ) Then gently dry dishcloth injection 15 cm distance, so I can wipe the sofa again, for cleaning and maintenance. ) Method 4: leather Italian sofa should be placed in ventilated, dry place. Do not wipe or wash with water, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp, mildew and breeding ground for insects. Method 5: regular cleaning. With a clean towel sofa, once a week. Italian furniture in the use of leather is very common, so using the family of Italian furniture must pay attention to the maintenance of leather, also can undertake professional maintenance to the furniture manufacturer, keep furniture brand new, durable.
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