High-end furniture need careful maintenance, to learn the maintenance method

There are a lot of people this is a headache for Italian furniture, should how to do reasonable maintenance meaning type furniture, make their life more long? 'Back to south day' attacks, easily affected by water, wood expansion mould easily. This case might as well put a bar of soap have mildew, or the dried tea leaves into the drawer, eliminate mildew, shut the doors and Windows, in time to prevent the water vapor permeability. Appropriate furniture with thin glue off from contact with the ground of place, at the same time keep the furniture near the wall and wall 0. 5 - 1 cm distance, this can avoid direct contact with metope, furniture humidity change. With the arrival of summer, the temperature rise, people pay attention to avoid the hot at the same time, for furniture, is also a difficult time. Whether the temperature of summer, or outdoor ultraviolet ray, which affect the service life of furniture, wooden furniture should stay away from air conditioning tuyere, make furniture in order to avoid huge temperature difference damage or premature aging, put the position to avoid direct sunlight, with the curtain shade when necessary. Drawer, sliding doors may be due to excessive expansion and difficult to open, can be on the edge of the drawer, sliding doors and daub wax or paraffin at the bottom of the path. Enter the autumn, the weather starts getting dry, because wood is too dry, so it's easy to crack and local fade. At this time to pay attention to protect furniture paint film, avoid accelerated aging of furniture. Wooden furniture can't light a simple wet cloth to wipe, but should choose professional nursing home care products such as furniture, lock the moisture in the wood, make furniture maintain normal moisture content, prevent wooden cracking deformation, prolong the service life of furniture. The arrival of winter, dry in the air, household central heating is enough at this moment, indoor temperature and dry and hot, furniture may because dry and cracking, now need to adjust the indoor humidity the humidifier. Open a window ventilated will inhale cold air from the outside, make the room more dry. So, winter should reduce ventilation time, maintain indoor humidity original. Italian furniture elegant noble, if not checked and maintenance, once loses lustre of ageing. Fortunately, yong bang paint technology in the world, leading high-end furniture industry environmental protection, elegant, is ever new. , modern design and fluent line, and 26 specular paint technology, the quality of its products have enduring created yong state can brand characteristics of inheritance, let people enjoy its unique charm.
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