Household industry upgrade, Italian furniture characteristics bring high quality life

As consumer the requirement of increasing the quality of life, people pursue the direction of the quality of life is also changing. Key words such as 'meaning', 'minimalist' and 'quality' began to higher frequencies appeared in the demands of consumers. In this process, a peak business lead household industry revolution is quietly. In the revolution, a higher standard of products and model will produce a lot. A we are looking forward to the new home of the world is slowly open the door. Let us enjoy the real Italian furniture characteristics and charm. Selection of materials and unique design style is the soul of Italian furniture, high quality raw materials are the basis of Italian furniture. Italian craftsmen choose precious wood, such as cherry wood, walnut and mahogany, at the same time keep the wood grain appearance at the same time, to recreate the wood. In addition, the fabric and leather is a common choice for the Italian furniture. Italian furniture leather also selected from high quality leather. From flax fiber from cotton to silk, blend in the fabric of the Renaissance Italian craftsmen artistic beauty, the elegant fabric and art perfect unifies in together. Italian furniture is known as the cortex. Think 'one of the best leather soft and elastic surface, can bring people pleasure, and have the sense of fabric sofa incomparable luxury. 'Carefully select the texture and color, through a series of creation, the luxury of leather and noble embodied in it. From material selection to sculpture, from setting in polishing, italians believe that only this kind of delicate, detailed manual craft can show the real meaning of manufacturing industry in Italy. Now, the Italian technology is famous for its exquisite and meticulous process, especially in the sculpture. Italian artisans in the hands of each piece of sculpture can be lifelike, ingenious design and superb technology, full of grace and glory.
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