How can office furniture manufacturers improve furniture customization services

It should be clear that the mainstream business and trend in the Guangzhou office furniture market is the furniture customization business. Now basically all furniture manufacturers will launch the furniture customization business, but not everyone can do it well. So how can an office furniture manufacturer be able to do so? How about improving this business? 1. Production capacity This is the fundamental problem of office furniture. Production capacity can directly reflect the production cycle and service quality of office furniture. It should be clear that there are very few furniture in stock now, and most of them are produced only after placing orders. Small factories often experience delays in delivery, rough product appearance, poor quality hardware accessories, and so on. This not only affects the normal use of customers. It also caused a lot of trouble for the company's after-sales service. Therefore, if an office furniture manufacturer wants to improve its furniture customization business capabilities, if its own production technology capabilities are insufficient, it is fundamental to improve its own production technology capabilities. 2. In the office furniture exhibition hall, office furniture was previously marketed to customers in PPT mode, and some were directly invited to the factory to see the actual samples, so there were only a few styles that it was difficult to see. Nowadays, more and more classic office furniture manufacturers have begun to launch their own furniture showrooms. When consumers look at the pictures of office furniture products, the visual senses are completely different from those of the actual furniture. The main thing is that they can still be touched. In this way, consumers will naturally judge the quality of the furniture. 3. customization service How to customize office furniture is more reasonable, whether the customer understands it well, the manufacturer itself is the professional. In the face of unreasonable customization requirements of consumers, we must patiently explain why it is not possible and give a solution until the two sides reach an agreement. The above is the content shared by the editor of office furniture manufacturers today. When we actually launch customized office furniture, we are not only familiar with the business, but we must also pay attention to the quality of our office furniture.

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