How many Classic Office Furniture are produced by Youbond per month?

The monthly throughput of Classic Office Furniture varies from different seasons and time. Generally speaking, as our brand popularity continues to increase in the market, we have received an increasing number of orders year by year. With advanced machines and highly-skilled employees supported, we can guarantee high-efficiency work and fully satisfy the needs of large orders even in the busiest season. At the same time, we also keep upgrading ourselves in the production techniques and cultivating staff for addressing the ever-changing problems that may occur in the future.
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Youbond Furniture Co., Ltd is a leading global company with major production classic office furniture. Youbond produces a number of different product series, including classic living room furniture. Senbetter white living room furniture has gone through a series of tests. It has been tested for impact resistance, flexural strength, and resistance to acids and wears. No MOQ is set for its standard version. This is the brand's unique design, so consumers will not find it elsewhere. This is the crowning touch of any room decoration and the ultimate in customer rest. It is marketed under our luxury brand namely Senbetter of European classic furniture style.
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