How many years can office furniture be used?

In the office furniture market, the main material of office furniture today is plywood, which has a certain life span compared with pure solid wood furniture. A customer asked: How many years can office furniture be used? We say that this is not necessarily true. Judging from the current after-sales situation of office furniture, our products are not problematic.   Except for the wearing parts, under normal use, the office furniture factory direct sales, there is no feedback of the problem of large items. Let us take a look at several components of office furniture and further analyze the service life of office furniture. Panel classic office furniture is mainly made of particleboard, table tops with tables, screens, classic office furniture, cabinets, etc.   The cabinets need to be moisture-proof, and the sliding door panels need to be regularly maintained on the sliding door wheels. has been used as classic office furniture for more than 20 years. Nowadays, there are still customers in use. I went to the research site and found no damage. In addition, the hinge is easy to disconnect during use, and it is necessary to regularly check whether the screw is loose.   The five-star wheels of the swivel chair may wear out or become loose. In the office furniture market, the swivel chair needs to be replaced for a long time. Such maintenance is not expensive and is also a safety requirement. The chassis of a high-quality swivel chair generally has no problems, and there is no desoldering phenomenon. However, in some countries, the valve core is stuck due to improper use.   is easy to reassemble and use a mixture of new and old. This saves the cost of adding office furniture, and saves installation and relocation time between the new and the old.
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