How much do you know about the space configuration of office furniture?

How much do you know about the space configuration of office furniture, do you want to know and understand the knowledge about the space configuration of office furniture? Then you can take a look with our editor of Guangzhou classic office furniture! is a kind of furniture with strong matching in interior decoration projects. It is not only related to the shaping of interior decoration style, but also affected by the four major components of space shape, color, light and quality. Therefore, in the design process, there is an understanding of the art creation of the interior designer, as well as communication with the owner's management concept. The corridor design of the office space generally has low illuminance, which not only saves energy, but also prevents employees from wandering around too much, so there is often no furniture. However, the corridor is transforming into a leisure corridor under the condition of space permitting. The natural lighting, the display of wall paintings, the marble with natural patterns on the ground and the carpet with comfortable feet all present a relaxed atmosphere, and the seductive sofa has become the focal point of the space. In fact, the first point of furniture modeling is to have a certain form of temptation: it can be vague, abstract, concrete, or clear. After the international financial scandals, the financial office building structure system became more open, and glass from the outside to the inside was widely used to show a fair and transparent office attitude. A lot of natural lighting makes the furniture present a relaxed, natural and modern style, while the glass used in the environment restricts the use of bright colors in the furniture. Otherwise, it will weaken the indication of the space and affect office efficiency. Therefore, the fabric decorative fabric sofa with contrasting effect becomes the combining point. In this way, the entire glass window brings plenty of sunlight and natural scenery, and the soft and comfortable sofa waits for visitors, making people feel physically and mentally happy. The style of many financial institutions is designed to be majestic and solemn, and this picture will remind you of the interior design of an elegant and generous residence. In terms of style, design can be rooted as 'looking forward and looking forward to the future'. It has a backward-looking aspect that respects traditional culture. It also needs to emphasize forward-looking concepts and innovative consciousness to produce new aesthetic orientation. The design of the office space mainly focuses on two types: modern, avant-garde style and creating a friendly atmosphere, and this design obviously belongs to the latter. The combination of rough and fine, the space is not very open is the current trend of exhibition space, and now it is transplanted into the office environment design in large numbers. The interface processing of the large space is mechanical and exposed; while the furniture is often elegant and has a sense of natural wood, forming a warm working unit. Office space often pursues a simple and generous style, but the lack of decoration will have a simple and indifferent feeling. At this time, different styles of decorative furniture will be used in the space to increase the human touch. The design must solve the relationship between stylization and innovation. The common practice in private offices is generally to form two functional areas with furniture. A group of bookcases, a relatively arrogant executive chair, a surprised desk, and two visitor chairs on the opposite side constitute a relatively formal alternating area; another group of enclosed sofas create a cordial and friendly atmosphere of communication. This meets the different needs in the work process, and this model is gradually being changed. The work intensity brought by some office equipment can cause changes in the mood of the staff, so the design not only needs to use the visual environment design to alleviate it, but also the pleasant facilities are more important; adjustable, movable, and wood are important for balancing the mood. The role of the office furniture will be designed to support the needs of people. When encountering a large “action” in an interface design in an empty office space, the furniture will be cleverly treated as a sculptural artwork. After learning and understanding the relevant knowledge about office furniture space configuration with our editor of Guangzhou office furniture, will it be helpful to your office space?

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